An insight into Quality: 5 reasons to buy from independent businesses like ours!

To build a business from the ground up relies heavily on feedback and customer support. We care deeply about the products we make and how we produce them. Not only because we have to, but because we are passionate about offering quality products with a fantastic and friendly service.

So what are the 5 reasons you should support small businesses like ours?

  1. We care.
  2. We research and innovate.
  3. We use quality timbers, fixings & fittings.
  4. We offer bespoke and customisable designs.
  5. We support local.


So what makes us different?

Quality, something we take seriously and take time perfecting.

We distinguish ourselves by creating buildings of a high calibre with features and designs that are hard to find elsewhere. We focus on structural strength and longevity, giving our customers peace of mind that their buildings will last. We do this by using high grade timbers that are both strong and of a dimension suitable for their task. We don’t cut down on timbers thicknesses.

Innovation is important to us, being curious creatures we constantly carry our research; we trial new ideas and perfect techniques to bring you the best products we can for your budget. We try new materials and select the ones appropriate for each product. We certainly don’t source the cheapest we can find, as more often than not this would compromise quality. We do however strive to offer products for a range of budgets.

Longevity. Our buildings have to satisfy OUR exacting standards before they are even put before your eyes. We select and use quality screws, nail, fixtures, fittings, hinges, locks… you name it, we don’t scrimp. And we do this for one simple reason, longevity. We aim to build products that last, not ones that look good temporarily.

Want something new or bespoke? Not a problem. We aim to accommodate your requirements by offering bespoke shape and sized buildings with custom finishings including paints and ironmongery. In fact any part of a building or timber structure can be customised. We plan, develop, draw, visualise and source for you, allowing us to realise your ideal building together. No matter how trivial a request may sound we can adjust specifications to suit your needs.

So why not use a national retailer? Sure there are benefits from doing this, namely price. However 99% of the time you will not receive the quality of service or product when purchasing, especially if you buy online. You certainly won’t get the countless hours spent tweaking a design, the level of care taken when manufacturing or the high quality finish that a business like ours gives. Many mass produced including some local producers use the smallest dimension timbers they possibly can in order to cut costs and maximise budget. To us this is a false economy. We simply couldn’t bare to see a building of ours develop a sagging roof, a rotting base or a wobbly wall.

Finally, supporting local & independent businesses helps other local businesses and the local economy too! Where possible we source and buy local, this is true for our wood, paint, fixing & fittings, clothing, office supplies, the coffee that fuels us and maintenance on our tools vehicles… We see value in supporting local and producing great products.

Put simply, we care about what we make.