Our cabins are built to an extremely high standard utilising air tight design methods and an eco conscious selection of materials. The spaces that we create are carefully considered, making them an asset to your garden.

All of our Garden Rooms offer all year round comfort thanks to their quality insulation and professionally installed membranes and taping systems.

They are perfectly suited for a variety of uses including: A home office, an extra living space, a creative space, a design studio, a kids play room, a home gym or yoga studio, or simply a garden retreat.

Build well, built to last.
The hidden details are what makes our cabins different. We take time to ensure every building is manufactured and installed to a supreme standard, perfecting often overlooked steps in the make up of these mighty small structures.

Looking for something larger? Talk to us about your requirements here!
Our cabins can be built to pretty much any size you require.

From turn key solutions to part of a garden development, we are able to assist in your project.