Investing in Quality

With many garden building options out there it can be hard to decide where to spend your money.


The difficulty often lies with quality vs cost and with many companies fighting to win custom, it’s often the lower priced buildings that shine through as a good investment.

However, like anything else, cheapest is rarely the best! There is always going to be a huge spectrum of designs and quality from DIY store sheds through to bespoke green oak framed buildings. So the hardest part is deciding how to get the most for your money. Through experience and extensive research it’s obvious to us that a lot of lower priced retailers, both online and in store, simply don’t offer the features and build quality that are desired by many.

Even with higher priced products, you often find that thin timbers are used in the products to increase profit margins, or corners are cut by reducing the amount of materials used or their quality. And some perhaps, are produced out of ignorance and lack of experience. This can lead to reduced build quality and overall rigidity.

Sadly the rigidity of a building can’t be shown over the internet and we often find seemingly strong structures flex while simply walking through them or leaning against a wall. Some even fail our simple flex test where you stand in the centre of the building and sway side to side using your body weight alone to move the entire building! To us, this simply isn’t good enough.

Structural instability from the offset will undoubtedly lead to future maintenance. Lack of stability suggests lack of structure and badly joined materials. Its likely that this could lead to rotting due to an unsubstantial base, which likely isn’t raised above the ground. Other common areas of concern are incorrectly hung doors and badly fitted roofs, both of which can lead to water ingress and reduced longevity.

We strive profoundly to produce buildings, whether they be sheds, garden rooms, offices or summer houses, that are strong, stable and ultimately worth your investment.


Quality comes in many forms. But you usually find it manifests itself in attention to detail and quality of finish. If the visible surfaces and finishes are of good quality and show craftsmanship, you can usually rest assured that the internals and the parts you can’t see reflect the same! When the finish is substandard you’ve got to ask yourself what quality lies beneath!

Quality comes in many forms. But you usually find it manifests itself in attention to detail and quality of finish.


Our products reflect our passion in many ways, from the high quality framing materials we use to the calculated evenly spaces timbers in our walls. We spend time to meticulously design and construct our buildings making them the best they can be. Our floors are substantial and our designs are tried and tested. We source and test both materials and fixtures & fittings to ensure we supply our customers attractive and functional solutions.



Interested in finding out more about what goes into making our buildings? Why not explore our products and drop us a line. We are more than happy to discuss our products and services, as well as offer friendly advice.

We produce a lot of our products to custom specifications and floor plans. Contact us here to see how we can help you realise your vision.