Why the humble shed is rocketing in popularity

If its an off the shelf shed you are looking for then you’re in the wrong place!

We make superior quality bespoke sheds. The ones that your can’t buy from other retailers.

Our passion for sheds began many moons ago. We’ve always been a family that’s into DIY, rides bikes and enjoys various hobbies so naturally this led to having lots of stuff. We decided to do something about it, so we built a shed! Since then we have built countless sheds and buildings for friends, family and most recently our customers. With a focus on robust design and style, we produce a shed of extremely high quality.

“The humble shed is rocketing in popularity”

Fuelled by programs like Shed of the Year, and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, the humble shed is rocketing in popularity. Formally known as a dark and dingy place, where your dad kept his rust ridden lawn mower and a few plant pots; the garden shed is back with revised appeal.

George Clarke with shed of the year 2017


We’re not afraid to throw in a splash of pink paint and a deep pile rug, because sheds are no longer just sheds. They are a place to enjoy, a place to relax and a place for hobbies. They are perfect for personalising, painting, decorating and enjoying. Long gone are the days of the damp dingy shed!

Let us help you. If you are looking for a blank canvas to make your own, or something a bit more special that you can enjoy straight away, then just get in touch. We love creativity and a challenge and we can help you make a great space!


With all that in mind, our sheds are also fantastic at being, well… sheds! With our heavy duty floors, high quality Scandinavian timbers, and fantastic roof covers. Our sheds are built to last, and we challenge you to find a one as strong as ours.


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